The planning permissions-FAQs

The planning permissions-FAQs

By I.Malik

  • What is planning permission?
    Planning permission is basically consent from the local borough council regarding the proposed development of yours. The system has been put in place deliberately to deter unauthorised constructions.

When do you need planning permission?
If your project involves a new build home from scratch or you intend planning to extend your existing home, you may require having a planning permission. You can plan to extend your existing home without permission if the permitted development rights are still intact. However, if the development doesn’t fall within the permitted development rights then the planning permission is must.
Therefore, it is always advisable to consult the borough council before you undertake any development project.

What are permitted development rights?
Permitted development or PD as it is know allows for minor improvements in the existing property such as loft conversion or extending the home to its rear. The main aim of permitted developments is to help borough councils concentrate more on major extensions and developments rather than minor improvements.

What are different types of planning permissions?

Planning permissions are of two main types

  • Outline planning permission

The outline planning permission is used to ascertain if the proposal is likely to be approved by the planning authority. This type of application needs fewer documents.

  • Detailed or Full Planning Consent

Planning application, which involves detailed plans of the proposed    development.


What is the approximate cost of a planning application?

  • New dwelling- £462.00 approx.
  • Home improvement/extensions- £206 approx.

What all documents required to be added in planning applications?

How long does it take to get a planning permission?

It generally takes around 8 x weeks time for determination on your application and is subject to submission of correct documents with planning application.


What if my planning application is refused or conditionally accepted?

If it is refused you can improve upon the application and address the causes of refusal then submit again. However, if the application is approved with conditions then those conditions must be met while the development is being built.


How long does my planning permission last after approval?

Planning permissions are generally awarded for a period of 3 years from the date of approval. That means you must start building within that time. If not you will have to reapply afresh for the new planning permission.

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