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Rear extensions

Creating rear extensions is an affordable solution for the growing families with ever expanding needs. Most of us in our lives reach a stage where the existing pad feels bit small as compared to our family needs. However, leaving a locality and buying a bigger house elsewhere is a stressful activity, which involves the nerve-wracking activity of arranging cash or mortgage to buy. The gamble of relocating to a place you are not familiar with is not worth taking for all. This is where the idea of extending the existing home pops in as a viable alternative. With extensions you retain your present social circle in the area of your choice and add beauty and style to your home by careful planning. We at Regus homes are aware of your innate concerns and try our utmost to make it a smooth process for you from start to finish. We help you create the most out of your existing spaces by creating rear and side extension, Garage conversion and loft conversion by saving money and adding value to your treasured home.

Loft conversions

It is the traditional and most preferred way of creating some valuable space in the home. Loft conversions save your valuable green space in the garden by judicious conversion in the loft. According to our experience the space in your loft is roughly 25-30% of your total floor area of your home, which if planned properly can add real value to the property. We at Regus Homes  can provide you the guidance and expertise to plan and construct a loft conversion and offer assistance at every step of the way to ensure its smooth completion.


Kitchen fitting

Block paved driveway


Steel fences

Beautiful steel gate

Steel gates (Automated and manual)

Maintained garden


Shop fitting services

  • Shop branding
  • Retail shelving & racking
  • Slatwall panels
  • Wall shelving
  • Shop counters
  • Display counters
  • Island Gondolas
  • Queue management
  • Shop lighting and floors
  • Clothes rails
  • Shop fronts, signs & shutters
  • Shop security grills
  • Shop CCTV system and alarms
  • General building works 

Biannual roof drain inspection and cleaning services


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Roof inspection

Roof drains cleaning

Roof tiles cleaning

All signs that fall has arrived are here. The leaves are changing shades, which look really beautiful. One of the main features of autumn is the shedding of leaves from deciduous trees. These falling leaves not only cover the ground but they also fill the roofing gutters and valleys thus obstructing them to perform their main function i.e roof drainage. These clogged drains and valleys results in ponding on the roof thus damaging the roof’s structural elements such as roof tiles, trusses and roofing membranes. All roofs being at a considerable height and inaccessible are the most neglected part of any home. Regus Homes helps their clients by providing the roof inspection and cleaning services to prevent excessive damage to the elements of roof and keeping them operational and ready for the new season. Regus homes is presently offering following services for 2 storey houses only.

Video & Pictorial
Roof inspection

Video & Pictorial roof Inspection would involve

  • General inspection of roof
  • Inspection of roofing gutters, drains & downspouts.
  • Inspection of roof valleys
  • Inspection of bargeboards, fascias & soffits.
  • Inspection report for owner’s records through an email provided.
  • Appointment based inspections.
  • £65 lump sum excluding £15  SPECIAL DISCOUNT. Discount available until 15 Nov 2019.

Roof drains cleaning

Roof drains cleaning service would include

  • Cleaning of drains
  • Cleaning of valleys
  • Cleaning of Bargeboards, fascias and soffits.
  • Appointment based cleaning required.
  • Separate quote will be provided depending upon the level of cleaning required in the light of inspection report.

Roof tiles cleaning

Roof tile cleaning would involve

  • Sweep cleaning of roof tiles.
  • Application of bioside to protect roof tiles against moss & lichen.
  • Minor repairs.
  • Separate quote will be provided depending upon the means of accessibility and level of cleaning required in the light of inspection report.

Advantages of Periodic Roof Inspection

  • The inspection would record the state your roof is in at that particular point of time through the pictures and the videos recorded.
  • It is an effective way to monitor an important part of your property which, remains neglected generally, being an inaccessible part of the structure.
  • Roof inspection would help you to take care of your roof in proactive manner, thus saving you costly repairs in future.
  • The periodic inspection reports would add value to the property incase you intend to sell it in future.
  • Inspection report is directly sent to the personal phone of each client thus record keeping is easy.
  • Being our valued client offers you our technical expertise and assurance that we are just a call away. 

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