1. Building regulations approval is required before any major construction works are undertaken. The building regulations approval can be sought from two types of BCB’s (Building control Bodies). The two bodies are:
    • Local Authority BCB’s
    • Private BCB’s
  2. Before one decides about the BCB’s he/she must decide about the type of application it is going to be. There are basically two types of building regulations applications
  • Full plans applications
    • It is also considered as the traditional way of applying for the building regulations approval.
    • This is the most reliable and thorough method of application, which covers all relevant details of the proposed project.
    • Depending upon the type of BCB one has chosen, the BCB will check your documents for compliance with building regulations and will issue an approval if they are satisfied.
    • One can expect to have a clear decision within 5 weeks, which may extend to 2 months with your consent depending upon the complex nature of the project.
  • Building notice method
    • This type of application is used for smaller projects undertaken by proficient builder. However, if you don’t trust the expertise of your builder then this route is not for you. The building notice method involves submission of site location plan along with the structural calculations if required and with the required fee. The work on the site can commence within 48 hours after it has been notified with BCB.
    • After the completion of the project, a completion certificate is issued by the building control certifying that the project has been completed as per the exiting building regulations and no part of it contravenes the building regulations. The entire process is aftermath of rigorous onsite inspections done by the building control inspectors at each key stage of the building.
    • Where works are redone or improved where they are contravening the building regulations.